I read Wideacre when I was a teenager and while I completely forgot all about To say that Wideacre by Philippa Gregory wasn't my cup of tea would be an. Destined to lose her family name and beloved Wideacre estate once she is wed, Beatrice will use any means necessary to protect her ancestral heritage. Philippa Gregory's d├ębut novel, Wideacre, is a difficult book to describe without spoiling the plot, but I'll give it a try. I've read reviews which.


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But we're in Georgian England.


Beatrice is expected to marry some nobleman and go live with him in a new, wideacre philippa gregory house while Wideacre will be inherited by her brother Harry who never showed any interest in the house and land she loves so much.

Her frustration and her determination not to resign herself and do something about it is perfectly understandable.

Book Review: Wideacre by Philippa Gregory

But what isn't is that she's willing to go to extreme lengths and won't stop at nothing - including incest and murder - to get what she wants. First, with the help of her lover Ralph, she hatches a plan to kill her father and manipulate her brother to keep control of the property.

She regrets this and wants to stop Ralph but it is too late. Their incestuous wideacre philippa gregory is not broken even by Harry's marriage.

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A wideacre philippa gregory and quick witted doctor from EdinburghScotland who falls in love with and marries Beatrice. They become estranged after he discovers the truth about Beatrice and Harry's incestuous relationship, as well as Beatrice's murderous attempts to give the land to her children.

To get revenge against her and save the children, he later starts plotting their downfall. He eventually falls in love with Celia, though they do wideacre philippa gregory have an affair.

Philippa Gregory

At the end of the novel, they leave the house together. He travels to India to earn more money for the family and comes back to raise the children with Celia in The Favored Child. He is murdered by Richard.

Harry's wife, who later becomes the moral force for good against Beatrice's manipulative schemes. Her marriage to Harry is arranged, but she grows to love him for his gentleness.

She is thrilled to accept Julia as wideacre philippa gregory own daughter, as it is later discovered that she is unable to have children.

Book Review: Wideacre by Philippa Gregory | History And Other Thoughts

When she becomes estranged from Harry, she falls in love with John, with wideacre philippa gregory she leaves with and raises the children until they are murdered by Richard in The Favored Child.

Daughter of Beatrice and Harry. She is passed off as Celia's daughter and later raised by her and John.


While she describes Richard as her childhood friend, bully, and betrothed, she has no feelings for him and attempts to escape from him by marrying the first man she falls in love with. However, Wideacre philippa gregory rapes and impregnates her to stop the engagement, and then forces her to marry him.

She gives birth to a girl, whom she names Sarah, before she dies from a fever during afterbirth complications. Son of Beatrice and Harry.

He is passed off as John's son by Beatrice and later raised by John and Celia.

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