Adapted from Judy Waterlow 1. Adapted Waterlow Pressure Area Risk. Assessment Chart. More than one score/category can be used. Jones ) a new tool, the Waterlow score was designed as a practical aid to the .. Waterlow J Pressure sores: a risk assessment card. Nursing. Ring scores in table, add total. More than one score/category can be used. WATERLOW PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION/TREATMENT POLICY. SEX. AGE.


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Investigating the reliability and validity of the Waterlow risk assessment scale: Major waterlow score card factors for pressure ulcers in the spinal cord disabled: An investigation of geriatric nursing problems in hospital. Pressure ulcer prevention manual.

Are pressure ulcer grading and risk assessment tools useful?

Care Home Toolkit

Patient risk factors for pressure ulcer development: International journal of nursing studies. Maklebust J, Magnan MA.

Risk factors associated with having a pressure ulcer: Advances in wound care: Roberts P, Priest H. Reliability and validity in research.

Score and Assessment Systems

Kottner J, Dassen T. Pressure ulcer risk assessment in critical care: Diagnostic accuracy of two pressure ulcer risk scales and a generic nursing assessment tool.


Journal of Clinical nursing. Examining the validity of pressure ulcer risk assessment scales: International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Validity and reliability of measurement instruments used in research. The importance of PURASs and preventive care practices has been frequently emphasized in the literature. According to a systematic review by Walsh and Demsey,36 offering care commensurate with risk level waterlow score card using a PURAS decreases the risk of PUs and improves the cost-effectiveness of care.

Waterlow score - Wikipedia

One explanation for this may be nurses draw on factors other than those captured by the standardized tools when making clinical decisions or they weigh certain patient conditions differently.

A possible explanation for this result is the B-PURAS is based waterlow score card risk factors for patients who are cared for at home,39 although with proven validity and reliability, the scale now is used widely in acute and long-term care settings.

Waterlow score card and Bergstrom39 regarded the intensity of the pressure and the tolerance of the tissue to pressure as the main etiological factors, and thereby developed the B-PURAS with 6 subscales. In these studies, the coefficient of consistency between observers was found to be between 0.

EBMcalc Medical Calculator

In this study, most participants For a PURAS to be easily comprehended, the statements should be clear and the scale itself should yield consistent results. The results of numerous studies33,34, on B-PURAS with varying sample sizes have indicated the scale can consistently assess the risk of PUs successfully.

In contrast, fewer validity and reliability studies have been performed on the W-PURAS; it waterlow score card commonly been criticized for having a low level of reliability. No true agreement was reached as to whether either scale was more practical.

In this study, nurses thought the scales took an approximately equal amount of time to complete.

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