Located in the north of France on the river Seine, Paris has the well deserved The geographical centre of Paris and a great starting point for travellers. Do remember to bring a good map, since there is no grid plan to speak of and almost. As the capital city of France, Paris has endured as an important city for more than 2, years. . Centre Pompidou Trip Reviews & Prices Map. Explore the city with our Paris tourist map. Use the interactive map below to discover the top attractions you can visit for free with The Paris Pass. Our Paris tourist map is simple to use and highlights some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as the Louvre, Arc de.


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RER Regional Express network used by suburban commuters anf services to airports notably CDG Charles de Gaulle other regional lines While sharing a single system of tariffs, you have to take care to validate your ticket when switching from one system to another.

Keep your ticket or pass with you at all times as you may be checked. Strangely, there's no sign, audio or message written on the tickets or stations to inform you plattegrond paris centrum it's obligatory to keep the ticket until you go out the metro.

You will be cited and forced to pay on the spot plattegrond paris centrum euros, depending on the officer, they accept credit cards and usually won't speak english if you do not have a ticket.

Times for trains can be seen on an electronic scrollboard above the platform. Scheduled times for first and last trains are posted in each station on the centre sign. Generally, except for early and late hours, travellers should not worry about specific Metro train times; just get to your station and take the next train.

Trains usually come minutes apart during rush hour and minutes apart during other times, depending on the line. Switching between Metro lines may mean a long underground walk between platforms, often involving stairs.

Paris tourist office - Official website

Sometimes it is easier to walk aboveground then to switch to another line for an extra stop or two. Luggage[ edit ] Visitors with heavy luggage or handicap should find out in-advance about the facilities at each station to be used.

Specific on-line plattegrond paris centrum about elevators and escalators is hard to find.


You plattegrond paris centrum have ask at ticket counters at major stations, perhaps tourist information kiosks. Getting to boarding platforms from street level, or going between platforms to change lines can be difficult even at major intersecting stations at most times, and everywhere during rush hours.

It usually involves walking up and down multiple flights of busy stairs.

Paris Printable Tourist Map

Elevators are seldom seen, many aren't working, and in major outlying stations any escalator will likely support only exiting to the street plattegrond paris centrum.

If you have any lingering concern about station facilities, check bus routes and timings to find convenient bus service instead; failing that, use a taxi.


Metro lines are identified by their color code and line number plattegrond paris centrum for line number 1. Direction is indicated by giving the final station. You will need to know the end station in order to find the right platform since tracks usually run between separate platforms, not on either side of one.

Plattegrond paris centrum often do not show station binders, since platforms are usually not shared by lines. All lines usually run end-to-end with some trains terminating at certain stations.

Paris Printable Tourist Map | Sygic Travel

Watch out for electronic signs on platforms and listen plattegrond paris centrum French language announcements on the train. If you ask the locals about directions, they will answer something like: Commuter lines RER[ edit ] In addition, there are five commuter train lines: RER trains run at intervals of about min, and stop at every RER station within Paris; RER stations are equipped with electronic boards or monitors which display the station stops each train makes outside the city limits.

Although a regular subway ticket can be used within Paris Zone 1it is necessary to pass the ticket through the turnstile when passing between the subway and the RER lines, as the two systems are separate networks. This ticket is necessary to enter and exit the RER networks, as the RER trains travel on to the Parisian suburbs, outside the zone where a regular subway ticket can be used.

Map of Paris Hotels & Paris Map

plattegrond paris centrum Travel outside the city centre without a valid RER ticket will get you fined, and the packs of inspectors who roam the system show no mercy to tourists pleading ignorance. In particular, Charles de Gaulle airport is not within the city; you must purchase an RER ticket to get there see Get in.

Certain lines, however, are operating at or near capacity, sometimes being so full that you'll have to let one or two trains pass before being able to board.

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