The easy to use Philips PageWriter TC30 is among the most advanced electrocardiographs on the market today. In addition to its technological sophistication. Page Writer TC30 ECG offered by Philips India Limited - Healthcare Division, a leading supplier of Ecg Machine in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Company is. Advanced, yet easy to use, the PageWriter TC30 offers speed of operation in an attractive and affordable solution that can grow with you as your workflow.


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Connect an analog phone line to the connector directly above this symbol. The number next to this symbol is the serial number pagewriter tc30 the cardiograph.

Pressing the button with this symbol on it puts the cardiograph into Standby power saving mode. Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation Interference may occur in the vicinity of equipment marked with this symbol. Equipotential Grounding Pagewriter tc30 Equipotential grounding post used for establishing common ground between instruments.

Ambient temperature range of o C -4 o F to 50 o C o F non-condensing for transport and storage.

Used medical equipment | Cape Town | MediMerchant | Product Page

Atmospheric pressure range of 0 to meters 15, feethpa above pagewriter tc30 level for transport and storage. Made from recycled materials. Do not dispose of in trash.


Follow local regulations for disposing of pagewriter tc30 small chemical waste. This product consists of devices that may contain mercury, which must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local, state, or federal laws.

PageWriter TC30

Within this system, the backlight lamps in the monitor display pagewriter tc30 mercury. Dispose of in accordance with the requirements of your country.

Optional Patient Cable Arm Do not transport the cart with the patient cable arm pagewriter tc30 to the side.

Only transport the cart with the patient cable arm positioned to the front of the cart.

PageWriter TC30 cardiograph

This reduces the possibility of hazardous currents passing from the cardiograph through the patient s heart to ground. Failure to properly clean and disinfect reusable electrodes before pagewriter tc30 use may cause infectious materials to be transferred between patients. WARNING The Welsh bulb electrodes available as an accessory for the cardiograph do not meet the requirements of IEC for defibrillation recovery time, and cannot be reliably used for patient diagnosis immediately following defibrillation.

WARNING When using additional peripheral equipment powered from an electrical source other than the cardiograph, the combination is considered to be a medical system. It is the responsibility of the operator to comply with IEC and test the medical system according to the requirements.

For additional information contact Philips Medical Systems. WARNING Do not use non-medical peripherals within 6 feet of a patient unless the non-medical peripherals receive power from the cardiograph pagewriter tc30 from an isolation transformer that meets medical safety standards.

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CAUTION The use of equipment that applies high frequency voltages to the patient including electrosurgical equipment and some respiration transducers is not supported and may produce undesired results. The use of nonapproved replacement parts and supplies with the cardiograph is strictly prohibited.

Cardiograph safety and performance are not guaranteed when non-approved replacement parts and supplies are used with the cardiograph.

Only use patient electrodes that are approved by Philips Medical Systems. The use of nonapproved patient pagewriter tc30 may degrade cardiograph performance.


To prevent burns to the patient, pagewriter tc30 all ECG electrodes and lead wires prior to the use of high frequency surgical equipment including electrosurgical equipment and some respiration transducers. Always disconnect the AC power cord from the power outlet when it is not connected to the cardiograph.

NEVER adapt a grounded plug to fit an ungrounded outlet by removing the ground prong.

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