Cell Phone Repairing Course in English is a complete mobile by step mobile repairingIts a complete mobile repairing book because it covers. We are the India's Most Prominent Institute(ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY) engaged in training. Mobile Phone Repairing Book in Hindi Free PDF Download | Cell Phone Repair Training PDF Book Free.


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Covering the latest technology with an increased emphasis on phone PCB test point concept, secret code and master code, LCD repairing, solar mobile projects, software self test with IC fault detection etc.

This easy-to read resource provides excellent instruction for individuals who want further preparation for the Mobile communication engineering exam and a clear understanding of mobile repairing software and peripheral installation, configuration, and repair.

The training is primarily conducted through a tutorial DVD that contains videos, guides, eBooks and manuals and a handbook as well. After completing the course you will be able to repair both minor faults as well as major handset faults with lots of practice.

You will receive the course package in 5 to 7 days after making the payment. With the help of the DVD videos and lessons you will learn: Our training is divided into three parts: Tools used for mobile phone repairing. AppleCare need only device bill and mobile repairing books them you are unable to activate the iPad.

Problem Can I use a hot plate to remove an S4 digitizer?

I'm sure most people here know that heating up an S4 digitizer with a hairdryer and removing it that way can be quite a chore. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used a hot plate to do this instead? Is it mobile repairing books good idea? If so what temperature do I set it to without damaging the S4?

Solution Mobile repairing books, set it to 65C, 5 minutes on each side leave the S4 on the hot plate while taking it off.


By unplugging the logic board you effectively did a hard reset. And also try completely disconnecting the logic board and reinstalling it.

Mobile Repairing (Hindi): : S Pandit: Books

The digitizer flex cable seems to be tightly in. Solution It sounds like you might have a hardware mobile repairing books a software issue, try to open up the device and make sure all cables are on correctly by removing and reinserting.

It May also be a ribbon connector issue. If that doesn't work you mobile repairing books have to do a restore or a factory reset. Super clean the digitizer contacts and seat them firmly. I Changed ribbon connector. The first two digitizers were jittery.

Get the mobile repairing books in bengali pdf form

I returned the first one but since they are so cheap I just bought a third one which I used in the final repair. So there is mobile repairing books small chance that the first two were defective or I didn't seat them good enough but I doubt it.

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I also might have over-heated one of them in my attempt to seat it on the warped frame.

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