Dialectical Materialism is a way of understanding reality; whether thoughts, emotions, or the material world. Simply stated, this methodology is the combination of Dialectics and Materialism. The materialist dialectic is the theoretical foundation of Marxism (while being communist is the practice of Marxism). Jump to Marx's dialectics - Dialectical materialism is a philosophy of science and nature developed in Europe and based on the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Dialectical materialism accepts the evolution of the natural world and the emergence of new qualities of being at new stages of evolution.‎Historical background · ‎Lenin's contributions · ‎Lukács's contributions. The dialectical materialism is a metahysical doctrine held by many marxists. As such, it is distinguished from historical materialism, which is the marxist theory.


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Dialectical Materialism in Marx

These three are talks about the coverage of social change. Law of unity and struggle of opposites: This law suggests the very cause of social change. The system is that the change must occur. Marx dialectical materialism is due to the law of unity and struggle of opposites.

Marx’s Ideas on Dialectical Materialism

Unity refers to the co-existence or simultaneous presence of the opposites. Once there is simultaneous presence then they are bound to struggle with each other.

Because of this there is struggle and contradiction in the society. Marx gives a series of marx dialectical materialism to understand the unity and struggle of opposites, i.

Glossary of Terms: Di

He said this is found in the natural world. A magnet is found with it south and North Pole. The capitalist and the labour co-exist in one place, so they are bound to struggle.

Law of transformation from quantity to Quality: This law talks about the marx dialectical materialism manner of social change. Here two terms are important i. Quality manifests the property.

Dialectical materialism

Quantity refers to the measure or the number through which the intensity or the volume of an object can be known. Marx says this law suggests that quantitative transformation beyond a certain point shall bring about certain qualitative transformation.

So any change in the measure, value, intensity of the things shall produce in its property. The Law of Negation of Negation: Borrowing from Hegelthey assert that: In feudalism you have lords who own the land marx dialectical materialism peasants who work it; in capitalism you have bourgeoisie who own the factories and mills, and proletarians who work in them; in state socialism you have a governing elite that owns more or less everything, and everyone else who does the actual labor.

The thesis comes from the ruling class which says this is a good and noble system of political economy; the antithesis comes from the laboring class, which complains that they do not get fair compensation for their work, and are not allowed to share in the riches of the ruling class; the synthesis is an eventual new system of production.


It provides philosophical foundations for political and economic theories of Marxism. Dialectical Materialism is a combination of two philosophies- dialectics and materialism.

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Philosophical materialism is the outlook which explains that there is only one material world. There is absolutely nothing marx dialectical materialism transcends the material universe. The universe, which has always existed and is not the creation of any supernatural being, is in the process of constant flux.

Marx’s Ideas on Dialectical Materialism

Human beings are a part of nature, and evolved from lower forms of life, whose origins sprung from a lifeless planet some 3. Individuals can gain knowledge of things only through their practical marx dialectical materialism with those things, framing their ideas marx dialectical materialism to their practice; and social practice alone provides the test of the correspondence of idea with reality—i.

For examples of Dialectics: Dictatorship Dictatorship means the imposition of a rule on others who do not consent to it.

The word originates from the dictatura of the ancient Roman Republic, an important institution that lasted for over marx dialectical materialism centuries. The Dictatura marx dialectical materialism for an emergency exercise of power by a trusted citizen for temporary and limited purposes, for six months at the most.

Its aim was to preserve the republican status quo, and in the event of a foreign attack or internal subversion of the constitution.

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