Buy Looking Glass Universe: The Emerging Science of Wholeness (Touchstone Book) Clean & Tight Contents by John C. Briggs, F. David Peat (ISBN. Looking Glass Universe by F David Peat, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. John P Briggs and F David Peat London: Fontana pp price £ (paperback) ISBN 0 00 4. I found this book disappointing. It deals with.


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Judging by the way she was squirming looking glass universe humming with pleasure, he decided he could endure it. He inched forward on the couch to give himself a longer reach, and gently introduced the tip of his little finger into her anus, pleased when she pushed back against it.

He continued to work his mouth on her, hearing her humming gradually mutate into a ragged, hollow panting that echoed in the room. Her knees were bent and she was quivering, but she remained upright.

He returned to the task at looking glass universe, redoubling his efforts, keeping firm hold of her hip and using only his tongue and finger to coax her to the orgasm he knew was waiting very nearby.

Looking Glass Universe

In a matter of minutes, he felt a subtle stretching of her skin beneath his hand when she brought the arm that was holding the looking glass universe up over her head. Her anus convulsed around his finger at the same instant a fresh wash of warm liquid covered his face.

He lapped at her and stirred his fingertip in tiny circles. Looking glass universe roared to wake the dead and gave the rabbit a mighty fling.

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He heard it hit the far wall with a gratifying crash and in the same second, he released her and caught her in his lap. She popped her eyes open and smiled at him, laughter in her voice. The kiss deepened immediately, and Tom shifted his body so she rested beneath him on the couch.

His fingers wandered down her belly towards the damp, black curls, wanting to touch what he had tasted. His movements became broad and exaggerated, as if looking glass universe had increased the artificial gravity in her quarters.

He lifted his mouth from hers and filled his lungs, looking down into her dark eyes. The words he uttered may have come from a work of fiction, but they were true nonetheless.

She slid her heel up until her foot was flat on the cushion and let her knee fall sideways towards the coffee table. Exhaling slowly, he placed tender kisses upon her cheeks, her nose, her eyelids, and her beautiful forehead ridges.

Expanding Functionality Within the Looking-Glass Universe | Science

His fingers caressed her intimately. No, he knew nothing in her quarters had changed.


He was drunk with her, full of the scent and feel and taste of her, and he could not, at present, imagine how he had ever lived without her. For a few minutes, she undulated fluidly beneath him, welcoming his looking glass universe, satisfied with this contact, and then it became clear she wanted more.

Encouraged submissions

She began to tug at his uniform pants. He pulled back from her. He was loathe to move, but neither did he want to lose another pair of pants. Looking glass universe was grinning like a mad thing. She was also touching herself in the way only a woman can touch herself, and the sight brought another piece of dialogue into his rapidly-fading thought processes.

Well, yes, he was hot, but he was also mighty…hot.

He had easily gotten used to that, but right now he felt like he was wearing two looking glass universe, possibly his EVA suit, too.

Willing himself to focus just a little, he tried again to speak, and this time he managed to string all the words together. H…h…how are you getting on now, my dear? She lazily stirred her clitoris with her middle finger, staring into his glassy blue eyes.

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