Lettres anglaises ; une promenade litteraire de shakespeare a le carre [Olivier Barrot, Bernard Rapp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Voltaire’s Lettres sur les Anglais, otherwise known as Lettres philosophiques, is one of the greatest and most influential works of the eighteenth century and beyond. Voltaire read Addison’s Spectator, a publication whose tone and format was to prove a big influence on his. This Pin was discovered by Evelyn Miller. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.


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The work, which makes a strong plea for religious tolerance, could not be published lettres anglaises France at the time. So, in MarchLa Henriade was published in London, a handsome quarto edition priced at three guineas, beautifully printed, with fine copperplate engravings.

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The text is in French, but the dedication, in large capitals, is in English: This was a luxurious edition. But how was lettres anglaises paid for? The Government of England will never rise to so exalted a pitch of glory, nor will its end be so fatal.

The English are not fired with the splendid folly of making conquests, but would only prevent their neighbours from conquering.

Lettres philosophiques

They are not only jealous of their own liberty, but even of that of other nations. The English have doubtless purchased their liberties at a very high price, and lettres anglaises through seas of blood to drown the idol of arbitrary power.


Other nations have been involved in as great calamities, and have shed as much blood; but then the blood they split in defence of their liberties only enslaved them the more. That which rises to a revolution in England is no more than a sedition in other countries.

A city in Spain, in Barbary, or in Turkey, takes up arms in defence of its privileges, when immediately it is stormed by mercenary troops, it is punished by executioners, and the rest of the nation kiss the chains they are loaded with. The French are of opinion that the government lettres anglaises this island is more tempestuous than the sea which surrounds it, which indeed is true; but then it is never so but when the king raises the storm- when he attempts to seize the ship of which he is only the chief pilot.

The civil wars of France lasted longer, were more cruel, and productive of greater evils than those of England; but none of these civil wars had a wise and prudent liberty for their object. In the detestable reigns of Charles IX.

With regard to the last war of Paris, it deserves only to be hooted at.

Lettres Sur Les Anglais | Voltaire Foundation: Welcome - University of Oxford

Methinks I see a crowd of schoolboys rising up in arms against their master, and afterwards whipped for it. Cardinal de Retz, who was witty and brave but to no purposerebellious without lettres anglaises cause, factious without design, and head of a defenseless party, caballed for caballing's sake, and seemed to foment the civil war merely out of diversion.

The parliament did not know what he intended, nor what he lettres anglaises not intend.

He levied troops by Act of Parliament, and the next moment cashiered lettres anglaises. He threatened, he begged pardon; he set a price upon Cardinal Mazarin's lettres anglaises, and afterwards congratulated him in a public manner.

Lettres Sur Les Anglais

Our civil wars under Charles VI. After all, consider on one side Charles I. Weigh, I say, all these wicked attempts and then judge. Frondeurs, lettres anglaises its proper sense Slingers, and figuratively Cavillers, or lovers of contradiction, was a name given to a league or party that opposed the French Ministry; i.

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England was enslaved for a long series of years by the Romans, the Saxons, the Danes, and the French successively. William the Conqueror particularly, ruled them lettres anglaises a rod of iron.


He disposed as absolutely of the lives and fortunes of his conquered subjects as an eastern monarch; and forbade, upon pain of death, the English either fire or candle in their houses after eight o'clock; whether he did this to prevent their nocturnal meetings, or only to try, by this odd and whimsical prohibition, how far it was possible for one man to extend his power over his fellow-creatures.

It is true, indeed, that lettres anglaises English had Parliaments before and after William the Conqueror, and they boast of them, as though these assemblies then called Parliaments, composed of ecclesiastical tyrants and of plunderers entitled barons, had been the guardians of the public liberty and happiness.

The barbarians who came from the shores of the Baltic, and settled in the rest of Europe, brought with them the form of government called States or Parliaments, about which so much noise is made, and which are so little understood. Kings, indeed, were not absolute in those days; but then the people were more wretched upon that very account, and more completely enslaved.

The chiefs of these savages, who had laid waste France, Italy, Spain, and England, made themselves monarchs.

Their generals divided among themselves the several countries they had conquered, whence sprung those margraves, those peers, those barons, lettres anglaises petty tyrants, who often contested with their sovereigns for the spoils of whole nations.

These were birds of prey fighting with lettres anglaises eagle for doves whose blood the victorious was to suck.

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