( EL KUUZU, planta leguminosa. Wimco 3(26): 5. ; 4(31) ( EL KUDZU, tropical para forraje y conservación. Campiña Ahora (Rep. (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first. Subjects. Planta leguminosa forrageira · Bibliografia · Kudzu tropical; View all subjects. More like this. Similar Items. The intercropping of corn with kudzu benefited soybean plant population, plant .. J. B.; SANTOS, N. F. A.; AVIZ, M. A. B. Valor nutritivo da leguminosa Pueraria.


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These compounds occur in particular together with 3-NPA and related derivatives at the same time in the same species, as found in Astragalus canadensis and Astragalus collinus. Their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen reduces fertilizer costs for farmers and gardeners who grow legumes, and means that legumes can be used in a crop rotation to replenish soil that has been depleted of nitrogen.

Legume seeds and foliage have a comparatively higher protein content than non-legume materials, due to the additional nitrogen that legumes receive through the process. Legumes are leguminosa kudzu used as natural fertilizers.

Some legume species perform hydraulic liftwhich makes them ideal for intercropping.


There are of two broad types of forage legumes. Some, like alfalfaclovervetchand Arachisare sown in pasture and grazed by livestock. Other forage legumes such as Leucaena or Albizia are woody shrub or tree species that are either broken down by livestock or regularly cut by humans to provide stock feed.

Grain legumes are cultivated for their seedsand are also called pulses. The seeds are used for human and animal consumption or for the production of oils for industrial uses. They were compared the production of biomass, nutrients cycling, nitrogen intake, activity and diversity of soil fauna, and banana productivity in leguminosa kudzu SAF, and with the usage of the legume Pueraria phaseoloides and nitrogen fertilization.

Pueraria phaseoloides Abstract The objective was to characterize the establishment, yield and quality of the seeds of Pueraria phaseoloides in humid tropical climate AW1 of Campeche, Mexico.

They are widely used leguminosa kudzu the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and textile sectors. They also have interesting therapeutic properties; for example gum arabic is antitussive and anti-inflammatory.

Bibliografía de pastos y forrajes tropicales - Google หนังสือ

The most leguminosa kudzu known gums are tragacanth Astragalus gummifergum arabic Acacia senegal and guar gum Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. Its cork is thin and soft and its wood is hard.

The heartwood is used to produce dyes that are leguminosa kudzu and purple. The histological stain called haematoxylin is produced from this species.

Bibliografia de Kudzu tropical Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth. (Book, ) []

Brazilwood tree Caesalpinia echinata is similar to the previous tree but smaller and with red or purple flowers. The wood is also used to produce a red or purple dye. Its fruit is reddish and is used to produce a yellow dye. In Central and South America dyes are produced from two species related to this species, indigo from Indigofera suffruticosa and Natal indigo from Indigofera arrecta.

Leguminosa kudzu of Lumax r for preemergence weed control in maize in Nigeria.


International Journal of Pest Management, A checklist of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore. National University of Leguminosa kudzu, Singapore: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, pp.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, pp.

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