______. SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing an amendment to Article V of the Constitution of Florida by adding an. _ La constitution de la V République est approuvée des Français par le référendum du 28 septembre * La constitution renforce. Jump to Les révisions de la Constitution réalisées en application de l'article 89 - Vingt-deux lois constitutionnelles ont été adoptées depuis


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The legislature shall have power to establish new counties and to change county lines. Every newly established county shall be held liable for its proportion of the then existing liabilities of the county or counties from which it shall be formed, rated upon the bases of the assessed value of the property, both real and personal, subject to taxation within the territory taken from any county or la constitution de 1958 and every county acquiring additional territory from another la constitution de 1958 shall be held liable for its proportion of the liabilities of such other county existing at the time of such acquisition, to be rated upon the basis of the assessed value of all property subject to taxation within such acquired territory.

Location of County Offices; Public Records. The principal offices and permanent records of all county officers shall be at the county seat; provided, branch offices for the conduct of county business and facilities for court proceedings including jury trials in civil cases may be established by law elsewhere in the county.

No instrument shall be deemed recorded until filed at the county seat according to law.

République de Guinée

Each county shall be divided into five commissioner districts numbered consecutively, and its governing body la constitution de 1958 be a Board of County Commissioners, consisting of five members, one from each commissioner district.

Upon certification of each decennial federal census the board of county commissioners shall forthwith revise the boundaries of the commissioner districts so that according thereto they will be approximately equal in population, giving consideration to geographic area.

The following officers shall be elected by and from among the electors of each county for a term of four years: Each member of the board of county commissioners and of the county school board shall reside in the district from which elected.

In counties having justice districts a Constable shall be elected for a term of four years by and from among the electors of each district. Successors to those members of the board of county commissioners representing odd-numbered districts and of the county school board representing even-numbered districts shall be elected la constitution de 1958and successors to those representing respectively even-numbered districts and odd-numbered districts shall be elected in ; provided, succession to county school board membership may be changed by law.

Constitution de la France de (version initiale) - Wikisource

The legislature, by local law only, may authorize a board of county commissioners to enact county ordinances; provided, the legislature may by general law limit the subjects on which county ordinances may be enacted, and thereafter no deviation from such general law shall be made except by amendment thereof by general law.

Each such la constitution de 1958 law shall specify precisely the subjects to which the ordinances shall be confined. No ordinance shall conflict with any general, special, or local law except as provided in the local law authorizing the ordinance, and the legislature may amend or repeal any ordinance.

Counties shall provide in the manner prescribed by law for residents having claim upon the aid and sympathy of society by reason of age, infirmity, or misfortune.

La constitution de 1958 Beverages; County Option. Upon petition of one-fourth of the electors of a county the board of county commissioners shall provide for a special election to determine whether sale of all intoxicating beverages shall be prohibited therein or to determine the method of such sale where permitted; and in like manner an election shall be held in a county prohibiting sale to determine whether such prohibition shall be removed.

The election shall be held within sixty days from presentation of the petition unless a regular primary or general election falls within such la constitution de 1958, in which event it shall be held within sixty days thereafter.


Not more than one such election shall be held in any two-year period. Criminal Cases; Costs and Fines. In all criminal cases prosecuted in the name of the state against an insolvent or discharged defendant, the county in la constitution de 1958 the case was prosecuted shall under regulations prescribed by law pay the legal costs.


All fines and forfeitures collected in each county under the state penal laws shall be applied la constitution de 1958 payment of costs and expenses of prosecuting crimes therein. The legislature may establish and abolish municipalities, may provide for their government, and may prescribe and alter at any time their jurisdiction and powers.

Cours Histoire 1ère : La V République (1958-1962) (2)

Whenever a municipality is abolished, provision shall be made for the protection of its creditors. Subject to approval by vote of the municipal electors at a special la constitution de 1958 held separately or with any other election the legislature may by general, special, or local law provide for assessment and collection of the taxes of any municipality by the tax assessor and tax collector respectively of the county in which it is situated and for payment by the municipality of reasonable compensation to these county officers for performance of these la constitution de 1958 duties.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the governing board of special districts lying wholly within a county shall be the board of county commissioners of the county.


The legislature may provide by law for the appointment of the governing board la constitution de 1958 the Governor or by the board of county commissioners, or for election thereof by the electors. The legislature by special or local law may for special purposes create special districts that include territory lying in more than one county and may prescribe the composition, powers, and duties of their governing bodies.

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