In the Gujarat State, where communal riots are always quite common, not a single communal riot has happened since This shows how effectively Modi  What is the truth about the riot in Gujarat? Narendra Modi 'allowed' Gujarat anti-Muslim riots. A senior police officer's sworn statement to India's Supreme Court alleges that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi deliberately allowed anti-Muslim riots in the state. More than 1, people were killed in the violence in The burning of a train in Godhra on 27 February , which caused the deaths of 58 Hindu pilgrims karsevaks returning from Ayodhya, is cited as having instigated the violence. According to official figures, the riots ended with 1, dead, missing, and 2, injured. Of the dead, were Muslim and ‎: ‎February – March


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The court case began inand over gujarat riots 2002 hundred people including victims, witnesses, doctors, and journalists testified before the court. For the first time, the verdict acknowledged the role of a politician in inciting Hindu mobs.

Activists asserted that the gujarat riots 2002 would embolden the opponent of Narendra Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, in the crucial run-up to state elections later that year, when Modi would be seeking a third term The BJP and he eventually went on to win the elections [].

Modi refused to apologise and denied that the government had a role in the riots.

Narendra Modi 'allowed' Gujarat 2002 anti-Muslim riots

Twenty-nine people were acquitted during the verdict. Teesta Setalvad said "For the first time, this judgment actually goes beyond neighborhood perpetrators and goes up to the gujarat riots 2002 conspiracy.

The fact that convictions have gone that high means the conspiracy charge has been accepted and the political influencing of the mobs has been accepted by the judge.

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This is a huge victory for gujarat riots 2002. Raghavan has said that false witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents by Setalvad and other NGOs. NHRC also expressed "widespread lack of faith" in the integrity of the investigation of major incidents of violence.

The US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report quoted the NHRC as concluding that the attacks had been premeditated, that state government officials were complicit, and that there was evidence of police not acting during the assaults on Muslims.

The Gujarat riots 2002 State Department also cited how Gujarat's high school textbooks described Hitler's "charismatic personality" and the "achievements of Nazism.

They stated that Modi's government had a role in "promoting the attitudes of racial supremacyracial hatred and the legacy of Nazism through his government's support of school textbooks in which Nazism is glorified.

The CCT consisting of eminent high court judges released a detailed three-volume report on the riots. On the statewide riots, the CCT reported that, several days gujarat riots 2002 the Godhra incident, which was the excuse used for the attacks, homes belonging to Hindus in Muslim areas had been marked with pictures of Hindu deities or saffron flags, and that this had been done to prevent any accidental assaults on Hindu gujarat riots 2002 or businesses.

They also reported that "The complicity of the state government is obvious.


gujarat riots 2002 And, the support of the central government to the state government in all that it did is also by now a matter of common knowledge. Shah to conduct, what became, a controversial one man inquiry into the Godhra incidentits credibility was questioned and the NHRC and the National Minorities Commission requested that a sitting judge from the supreme court be appointed.

Gujarat riots - Wikipedia

The supreme court overturned the findings by Shah stating, "this judgement is not based gujarat riots 2002 the understanding of any evidence, but on imagination. The killers may have been in touch with police and politicians.


According to the Amicus report gujarat riots 2002, two cabinet ministers even sat in police control rooms. A senior police officer and minister, murdered inclaimed that Modi explicitly instructed civil servants and police not to stand in the killers' way.

The Gujarat massacre: New India's blood rite | Pankaj Mishra | Opinion | The Guardian

Of course, Modi has always denied involvement and condemned the riots. The pogrom was extensively televised by India's innumerable — and then much less complacent — TV channels. Many middle-class Indians were shocked to hear how gujarat riots 2002 the very young had not been spared — the slayers of Muslims were seen smashing the heads of children against rocks.

There was some unease even within Modi's parent outfit, the RSS — whose most revered chief, Guru Golwalkar, wrote in a book that Nazi Gujarat riots 2002 had manifested "race pride at its highest" by purging itself of the "Semitic races".

In July allegations were made that the SIT had suppressed evidences. One inquiry concluded the fire was an accident, but other official probes said it was a conspiracy, and 31 Muslims were convicted over the blaze in Violence spreads During the slaughter in Ahmedabad and hundreds of other towns and villages, Hindu mobs rounded up and raped Muslim women.

They poured kerosene down their throats and those of their children and threw lit matches at them.

The 2002 Gujarat riots cases and their statuses so far

Many eyewitness reports suggested police directed rioters to Muslim homes and also turned fleeing victims back towards their killers. According to official data, Muslims and Hindus were killed, while people went missing and 2, others were injured.

Police booked Ameena Bibi and her companions for gujarat riots 2002.

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