Hemorrágico, fiebre amarilla y fiebre hemorrágica por arenavirus), que han emergido como serios problemas .. fever (BHF); Guanarito virus with Venezuelan. Factors Associated to Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever in Guanarito Rural Community Arenavirus by hans in Types > School Work, venezuelan. Hay evidencias de la circulación del virus Guanarito en roedores de Córdoba, pero no .. Fiebre hemorrágica con o sin manifestaciones.


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Specific members of the rodent family Cricetidae 4 are the principal hosts of the Tacaribe complex viruses for fiebre hemorragica de guanarito natural host relationships have been well characterized. It is generally accepted that humans usually become infected with arenaviruses by inhalation of virus in aerosolized fiebre hemorragica de guanarito of saliva, respiratory secretions, urine, or blood from infected rodents or by inhalation of virus-contaminated dust particles.

The objective of our study was to extend knowledge of the natural host relationships of these arenaviruses, particularly the relative importance of various modes of intraspecies virus transmission and the prevalence of virus shedding among naturally infected rodents.

Materials and Methods This report is the sixth in a series of publications that include rodents captured in Venezuela in February Traps were set at site A fiebre hemorragica de guanarito tall grassy areas on the edge of a grove of trees, site B in tall grassy areas alongside an unpaved road and in a field filled with weeds, and site C in a field filled with crop stubble and in grassy areas alongside the field.

Site A was 0. Capture and Processing of Rodents The rodents were captured in aluminum live-capture traps 6. The traps were placed at 8-m intervals, baited with small pieces of fiebre hemorragica de guanarito cut pineapple, set 1 h before sunset, and checked at daybreak the following day.

Transmission of Guanarito and Pirital Viruses among Wild Rodents, Venezuela

The identification number, date of capture, trap site and trap number, species identity, sex, total length tip of nose to tip of taillength of tail, and other information were recorded on a standardized form.

From the vascular perspective, the virus will infect macrophages, leading to the reorganization of the VE-cadherin catenin complex a protein important in cell fiebre hemorragica de guanarito.


This reorganization creates intercellular gaps in endothelial cells. The gaps lead to increased endothelial permeability and allow blood to escape from the vascular circulatory system.

The reasons for variation among patients infected with the same virus are unknown but stem from a complex system of virus-host interactions. Dengue fever becomes more virulent during a second infection by means of antibody dependent enhancement.

Transmission of Guanarito and Pirital Viruses among Wild Rodents, Venezuela

After the first infection, macrophages display antibodies on their cell membranes specific to the dengue virus. Diagnosis[ edit ] Definitive diagnosis is usually made at a reference laboratory with advanced biocontainment capabilities. The findings of laboratory investigation vary somewhat between the viruses but in general there is a decrease in the total white cell count particularly the lymphocytesa decrease in the platelet count, an increase in fiebre hemorragica de guanarito blood serum liver enzymesand reduced blood clotting ability measured as an increase in both the prothrombin PT and activated partial thromboplastin times PTT.

The hematocrit fiebre hemorragica de guanarito be elevated.

Viral hemorrhagic fever

The serum urea and creatine may be raised but this is dependent on the hydration fiebre hemorragica de guanarito of the patient. The bleeding time tends to be prolonged. Prevention of viral hemorrhagic fever With the exception of yellow fever vaccine neither vaccines nor experimental vaccines are readily available.

Prophylactic preventive ribavirin may be effective for some bunyavirus and arenavirus infections available only as an investigational new drug IND. VHF isolation guidelines dictate that all VHF patients with the exception of dengue patients should be cared for using strict contact precautions, including hand hygiene, double gloves, gowns, shoe and leg coverings, and faceshield or goggles.

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