Alberto Curci,violinist,composer,teacher, Foundation,Violin International Competition,Edizioni Curci,Carosello Records. Alberto CURCI Violin Concerto No.1 in D minor 'Concerto romantico', Op (pub. ) [] Violin Concerto No.2 in D minor, Op . Alberto CURCI Violin Concerto No. 1, Concerto Romantico, Op. 21 (publ. ) [] Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 30 [] Violin Concerto.


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Again, the ethos is late-romanticism predicated curci violino the most vocalised and lyrical of devices. The second subject is especially rarefied in this respect, with a delicious richness to curci violino melody lines. Published in the Third Concerto is lyric and busy, with more delightful tunes — Curci seems to have been saturated in lyricism and one wonders what kind of soloist he was — and a finale that reveals some Sarasate-like devices.

Curci: Violin Concertos

The idiom was desperately old-fashioned curci violino but it sounds as if Curci was happily writing in curci violino compositional bubble, untroubled by advances, content simply to give of his lyric self. The Suite italiana in stile antico was also published in Its five movements are bright if occasionally formulaic.

For a whole decade, this institution carried out a precious and intense cultural activity, whose aim was to make known to the Neapolitan public the works of the most illustrious musicians of curci violino time, performed by their most famous interpreters.

Most of the foreign artists were invited for the first time in Italy.

Curci: Violin Concertos - First Hand: FHR - CD or download | Presto Classical

Alberto's compositions were always closely connected to the technique of his dearest curci violino, the most congenial for him, the one that he considered the highest means of artistic expression: Edizioni Curci's 1st century His works for violin and orchestra are the clear proof of it: Alberto's versatile, tireless and passionate activity was rewarded by the highest honours, as the election for two three-year-periods to member of the Superior Council of the Fine Arts, the appointment to Santa Cecilia's Academician, the awarding of a gold medal of the Ministry of the State Education for cultural and educational merits.

The catchy courtly dance style of the finale Wieniawski on steroids carries over from the finale of the First Concerto.

The Third Concerto adopts the same searchingly joyous immersion. You might want to take curci violino break midway through this disc.

You would then be better attuned to the unremitting flow of honeyed aureate sentiment ladled out by the Third Concerto.


Gulli more than copes with the demanding technical side of Curci's writing. The Suite is in five short movements. Despite the title, which might lead you to expect curci violino, this is in pretty much the same aristocratic idiom practised by Curci curci violino the concertos.

Trust FHR, who are no strangers to reviews on this site, to lend a helping hand to such unusual fare.

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