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The Polish throne passed to Henry III of France and then to other foreign-based rulers in rapid succession, causing a decline in the city's importance that was worsened by pillaging during the Swedish invasion and by an outbreak of bubonic plague that left 20, of the cracovia mapa residents dead.

Russiathe Habsburg empireand Prussia. The richer Jewish families began to move out.

Krakow Tram Map for Free Download | Map of Krakow Tramway Network

However, because of the injunction against travel on the Sabbathmost Jewish families stayed relatively close cracovia mapa the historic synagogues. An insurrection in failed, [48] resulting in the city being annexed by Austria under the name the Grand Duchy of Cracow Polish: It became an important cultural centre for the Polish Jews with a Zionist youth movement relatively strong among the city's Jewish population.

These orders included registration of all Jewish people living in the area, the collection of taxes, and forced labour groups. Before the forced transport of the Jews to the ghettos, they were encouraged cracovia mapa flee the city. Initially, a majority of the ghettos were open and Jews were allowed to enter and exit freely.

However, as the Nazi Regime became more powerful, many of these ghettos were closed and security became tighter. Now its halls are home to several important religious artifacts. Cracovia mapa you can see a beautiful wooden altar, which was brought to the church immediately after its opening.

Maps of public transport in Krakow | Bus lines | Tram lines

It is believed that … Open Attractions and active leisure The nightclub with the intriguing title "66" is another cracovia mapa place. Here are played only the most modern songs, and fans of dancing have rest on a huge colorful playground.

There are mild sofas in a cozy hall. The music in the club Clu does not stop until early in the morning. Every evening various music styles are played … Open Cuisine and top restaurants Cherubino restaurant is located in the center of Krakow.

In addition to large selection of national dishes, visitors are offered to try widest choice of drinks and cocktails.

Krakow Tram Map for Free Download | Map of Krakow Tramway Network

In addition to large selection of national dishes, visitors are offered to try widest choice of drinks and cocktails. Next to the restaurant is located a bar with cracovia mapa same name.

This is truly cracovia mapa great place for evening relaxation. Braised veal and stuffed duck are considered the specialties of Chimera restaurant.

Krakow Public Transport Maps

This hotel is well-known to gourmet travelers from all over the world. The same named restaurant, which is open in the same building with the hotel, greeted its first guests yet in the 18th century. Nowadays, the popular restaurant is a great place to try cracovia mapa most delicious European cuisine dishes that are cooked in accordance with old recipes cracovia mapa … Open Traditions and mentality of Krakow Puppet shows are very popular in the city.


Not only children, but also adults come to see them.

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