Fertilizante orgánico, compostaje de gallinaza, enriquecido con algas marinas. Con un alto contenido de nitrógeno, fósforo, potasio. bolsita de kilo. Un buen compostaje y una aportación y trabajado del terreno posterior sin tantas historietas es lo mejor y, desde luego, muchísimo mejor el. This video briefly introduces the different compost turners and our fleeceroller. Compostaje de gallinaza (el estiércol de aves/gallinas) / Composting of chicken.


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Bacteria compostaje de gallinaza fungi form complex communities of competing and cooperating organisms, hence biodiversity is a major determinant of the growth and activity of microbial communities and affects community health and functioning Bell et al Micr obes in healthy soil access, conserve and cycle nutrients and help to regulate the ecosystem.

Bacteria and fungi in particular, facilitate fermentation in depleted and sterile soils digesting nutrients and compostaje de gallinaza plants against pathogens and other th reats Bell et al Mature compost with diverse microbial communities improves the physical and chemical properties of soil; enhancing beneficial bacterial and fungal activity and suppressing infectious pathogenic fungi Bulluck et al The co mmonly used biological control for plant pathogenic fungi, Trichoderma was maintained in higher densities in soil treated with organic amendments compared to synthetic fertilizers Bulluck et al This microflora community in the compost and its eff ect on soil borne diseases are of particular interest as an alternative to the hazardous chemical Opus.

We proposed to test different types of compost used at Life Monteverde to see if there is a correlation between microbial diversity and interactions th at protect against Mycena citricolor Erosion is also a major problem for farmers because it results in the loss of fertile plant material and because the movement of soil can spread soil borne diseases and pathogens, among other things.

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Thus, soil erosio n is an important factor when considering how to control the distribution and spread of ojo de gallo between coffee crops at Life Monteverde.

We investigated vegetation compostaje de gallinaza as a proxy for root systems for its potential for holding soil in place.

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  • Miguel Hernández University

While the relationship between the roots of vegetation and soil erosion has been studied, according to an owner Life Monteverde, compostaje de gallinaza is curren tly not an easy way to control soil erosion nor even measure it Guillermo Vargas pers.

Our study proposed a simple, approachable method to measure the rate of soil erosion and investigate the impact of vegetation coverage upon this rate.

Aprovechamiento de los residuos sólidos generados en pequeñas industrias de almidón agrio de yuca

Our study poses the questions: How does microbial diversity vary between composts? How effective is compost compared to synthetic fungicide Opus at inhibiting the growth of Mycena citricolor and at killing colonies of ojo de gallo on coffee compostaje de gallinaza

What is the relationship between vegetation cover and soil erosion? Life Monteverde is a coffee farm situated in a tropical pre montane region and landscaped into terraces. The farm contains about 5, coffee plants per hectare and 17 hectares total.

We compared soil loss in areas of varying amounts of vegetation at Life Monteverde over a period of 14 days. To measure soil compostaje de gallinaza rates, we inserted stakes made of upcycled wood into the soil and recorded vegetation type and percent coverage.

The categories varied base d upon the amount of vegetation present: We chose six sites in each of the four categories of vegetation cover throughout the farm. We marked the stake with pencil or Sharpie at level where soil reaches in a line, left the stakes for 14 days, and marked the soil level again.

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We measured the greatest distance between marks on the stake in centimeters as the soil loss. We used a handheld GPS to pinpoint the loc ation of each stake.

We compared the effects of different types of compost, Trichoderma biocontrol, and the synthetic fungicide Opus. We conducted compostaje de gallinaza experiments to isolate each treatment from uncontrollable fact ors as much compostaje de gallinaza possible.

Compost B is called Bokashi and contains skin from rice and coffee, carbon, soil from the forest, chicken and goat manure, whey, and molasses.

Miguel Hernández University

The fungicide Opus was prepared in a cc: PAGE 4 Ojo de Gallo, Composts, and Soil Erosion Hood, Thurmond 4 To test the effects of the compost extracts, Trichoderma, and Opus directly on coffee leaves infected with ojo de gallo, we applied six different treatments directly to the leaves, including our control.

We compostaje de gallinaza three infected leaves in a bucket for each of the six trea tments.


We applied treatments with a pipette directly to fungal colonies with the compostaje de gallinaza horizontal for 30 seconds, then tilted the bucket to directly vertical a gain.

We recorded the number of ojo de gallo on leaves colonies and relevant observations about the health of the leaf after three, five, seven, and nine days. We compared the antimicrobial properties of our compostaje de gallinaza extracts compared to Trichoderma and Opus using the agar diffusion test Bauer et al 1 We collected leaves infected with Mycena citricolor and streaked the fungus onto agar plates with scalpels Bauer et al

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